Chuck Chicken- The Mysterious Stone

Chuck Chicken- The Mysterious Stone
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  • Code: SCD007
  • ISBN: 978-983-59-9966-6
  • Size:  5.75" x 8.25"
  • 56  pages.
  • Price: (WM)RM8.90  (EM)RM9.90   (SGD)$5.50 
    Dr Mingo orders Pen and Guin to steal the mysterious blue stone from the National Museum. Chuck, Flick and Wing try to stop Pen and Guin but they fail. Not only the stone is stolen, Flick is also kidnapped.
    Dr Mingo uses the equipment in his laboratory to transform the power of the stone into a controllable cloud. With the destructive power of the lightning from the cloud, Pen and Guin rob all the banks and jewellery stores on Rocky Perch. Meanwhile, Dr Mingo tries different approaches to befriend Flick. 




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